What is ACX?Audiobook creation exchange?

ACX stands for the “Audio-book creation exchange”

ACX stands for the “Audio-book creation exchange”

It is a platform Amazon has set up, where audio book producer and rights holders can work together to produce audio book. Rights holders are anyone that owns the right to a particular title or work. This would typically be either the author or publishers. The producer is the person/company that produces the audio for the audio-book.

There are other options, but if you want to get your book on to Audible, Amazon and iTunes ACX is normally the way to go.

A big pro, for me at least although a con for some people is that ACX is a relatively un-regulated platform. It essentially operates as an open space for creators to work together and offers what should be considered only as basic organisational tools. This means that unlike websites like amazon/ebay/fiverr etc, there is an enormousness amount of freedom for you to work as you please, you can email directly, arrange your own payment methods and collaborate in whatever way you see fit. It does however mean nothing is guaranteed. There is no customer service department keeping everyone in line so buyer beware. however with a minimum amount of common sense you should be fine, publishers can check the titles being offered and rights holders can easily check a publishers previous work and check ID if at all unsure.

Royalty’s are handled by ACX so you are completely safe there and sensible practice will see PFH work safely completed and paid.

You can look for “producers for hire.” In this section you can browse all of the producers that are currently available and narrator you search by accent, age and all manner of other criteria. Alternatively you can put your title up for open audition, allowing producer who match your criteria to submit there auditions. If you find a producer that you like you can submit an offer to them or message them.

If you are a producer, you can search for titles currently accepting auditions.

You can also hire narrators or producers from outside of ACX. Either direct or through freelancing websites like You can also self narrate, although this will include quite a steep learning curve and reasonable investment of at least $200/$400