Andrew James Roberts

Andrew James Roberts

Hi, I’m Andy.

I am primarily an audio-book and voice-over producer, but I also venture into other media as well.

Aside from audio-books, my voice can be heard on radio and TV ads, documentaries, YouTube and even escape rooms.

Some audio-books I have produced…

Dear Dory

Tom Kreffer

A heart warming tale of a man’s journey to first-time fatherhood. Explores a wide spectrum of emotions including a good dash of humour.

Alex and Alvaro

Javier Salazar Calle

A great interactive children’s book. The stories of two mice and their adventures everywhere between space & the bottom of the ocean.

Commercial Voice-Over

E-Learning / Online Courses

Tech Explainers

Need a QUALITY Sound?

I have a wealth of experience in voice work and am sure I can help your project sound as awesome as it deserves.