Audio Books

Slaying the 7 Dragons

Bill Storm

A personal development audiobook with a twist.

Narrated and produced by Andrew James Roberts

It was written by Bill Storm and is actually available for FREE from his website –

Humanz (series) – 2.0 Darkness

Igor Ljubuncic
Humanz is a fantastic series that I produced for Igor Ljubuncic. They are stories based on a zombie apocolypse… but from an alternate point of view.
I had a great time recording these. If you want to pick up a copy grab it of off Audible.

Dear Dory

Tom Kreffer

A heartwarming tale of a mans journey to first time fatherhood. Explores a wide spectrum of emotions including a good dash of humour and a truck load of profanity! An incredibly raw experience delivered in the way of incredibly honest frankness.

Tommy Goes to War

Chuck Scott
This is a teaser I made to promote the audiobook Tommy Goes To War written by Chuck Scott.

I had a great time voicing all the characters and projects like this that allow my creativity to run free are always a blast.