Audiobook Editing & Mastering


We understand audiobooks are a big commitment and audio requirements can be confusing. That is why we offer this one simple promise.
We will guarantee our work will pass ACX/Audible quality assurance.
We worry, so you don't have to.


We will ensure that your audiobook meets industry standards and will deliver back to you MP3 files ready to upload. We even make sure the files are named in a consistent and organised way to make you life as easy as possible when it comes time to upload and release your audiobook.
Standard industry specs - MP3 - 192kbps constant bit rate - 44.1khz - -23dB to -18dB RMS - Max peak amplitude -3.1dB - Maximum noise floor -60dB - Mono,
We can of course prepare your files to different specifications if needed.
We are very confident you will love out work, so get in touch and we will be more than happy to do a small sample to show you what we can do!
Bespoke plans available. Please get in touch.


$ 30 Per Finished Hour
Noise reduction / Downward expansion – Reduce background noise, fans, mic hum, etc.
EQ – Equalise the track to reduce bad frequencies and brighten the clarity and presences of your voice
Compression / Level – Tighten the dynamic range of the audio for balanced levels and optimum listening volume
De-Essing - Reduce the harshness of sibilance in S and Sh sounds
Ensure there is the correct amount of room tone at the beginning and end of each file
Double check RMS, Peaks and Noise floor are in spec to industry standards
Discount available for larger projects
Mastering and Edit
$ 60 Per Hour of Audio
Includes everything in ``Mastering`` plus a full listen through edit that includes.
Removal of excessive breaths
Removal of mouth clicks
Removal of bad takes, repeats, pick ups etc
Manual repair of extraneous noises where possible
Cut down long gaps and pauses
All edits done by pasting of room tone for smooth listening experience - No gating or muting

Need aΒ QUALITYΒ Sound?

I have a wealth of experience in voice work and am sure I can help your project sound as awesome as it deserves.